PRESS: Art Review: COMnGRAF 3 – Breaking Borders

By Sara Awad
Columbus Urban Arts Examiner

COMnGRAF 3: Breaking Borders made its Columbus debut last night in the King Arts Complex’s Elijah Pierce Gallery. The exhibit, curated by Rob Stull, an accomplished illustrator and comic book creator is designed to spotlight the organic union of two great eclectic mediums – the sequential art form traditionally featured in comic books and aerosol graffiti.

The show, which has a compelling story tell – the story of the convergence of avant garde culture with the drama and spontaneity of Hip Hop’s grass roots youth movement, is nothing short of a mind-blowing foray into the creative genius of some our generation’s most forward thinkers from both sides of the artistic fence.

COMnGRAF 3 showcases the work of Rob Stull, Nic One and George GRODZ Rodriguez. Comic veteran Rob Stull’s work has been featured in a multitude of Marvel comics including Spider Man, Iron Man, Wolverine and New Mutants. Graffiti legend Nic One’s art and photography have been displayed in The Whitney Museum, Fashion Moda Gallery, The Montaigne Gallery in Paris and shown on Yo! MTV Raps, The Real World (Japan) and VH1. Protégé George Rodriguez has designed for the likes of Camel Cigarettes, Nike and Polo Ralph Lauren. Continue reading…


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