COMnGRAF 3: Breaking Boarders…The Pics!

COMnGRAF is art that showcases Hip-Hop culture through the cross-cultural influence between Comic Book art and Graffiti art. Simply stated, it is “the fusion of two cultures” celebrating the influence each has on the other.

ATTENTION – The following images may not be used for any print, video or web-based media of any kind, whatsoever, without the consent of Rob Stull, William Green, George Rodriguez, The King Arts Complex or Graffiti Burger. If you are not a participating artist in the COMnGRAF 3: Breaking Boarders exhibition, then you must obtain the proper permission before using any of the images seen here. DO NOT PHOTO SWIPE…you’ve been warned.

photos by Rob Stull, William NIC ONE Green, George (Grodz) Rodriguez, Toni Johnson & Jevon Collins.

See more on facebook: COMnGRAF 3: Breaking Boarders

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